Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge

Pop art - week 3

Oops, I missed a week. I'm not actually enjoying this pop art theme as much as I thought I would, I think mainly because I've been pretty busy and so I'm lacking in blogging time and inspiration. I think this theme deserves time and effort and so far, I've not been 100% satisfied with what I've managed to come up with.

Never mind, while I've not been blogging or self-portrait-ing, I had a fantastic holiday with Steven and then a lovely weekend away at a friend's birthday. Today, the last of my marks were finalised (this year's marking was all messed up by industrial action by lecturers) and tomorrow I graduate!

Phew, perhaps next week I'll have more time to research pop art and be inspired!

More self portraits here and here.


At 1:04 AM, Blogger Tish said...

I think you did a terrific job!


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