Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge

Introduce yourself -week 2

Okay, I'm ready now. Hi, I'm Katharine. I'm feeling a wee bit shy today so I'm hiding behind some amateurish photoshopping and a prop! Here are some fairly random introductory things about me:

I'm a graduand of Edinburgh University.

I've just (as in, yesterday!) been offered a place at teacher training college, starting in August.

I share a birthday with my boyfriend (26th December), who is a year older than me.

I've survived 4 years of (mostly) long distance relationship and it's just a few weeks until Steven and I will finally be together for good.

I'm only 4'10", but I don't much like wearing heels.

I want to open my own flower shop one day.

I often feel a little intimidated by other bloggers, especially if they are particularly articulate or artistic.

This self-portrait is my first ever submission to Flickr.

More self portraits here and here.


At 1:27 AM, Anonymous suzanne said...

You may be shy today, but your photo and entry are very playful.

At 3:02 AM, Blogger melba said...

That is a lovely photo.
Congratulations on your new job!

At 4:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yey! you got into teacher training! Woohoo! Well done babe! Where will you be going? Edinburgh?

At 11:42 PM, Blogger Magpie K said...

Yep, Moray House! I can't wait - although it will be nice to have the summer free first. I'm loving the sunshine!

At 5:11 PM, Blogger madness rivera said...

You're adorable. And I love the photo.


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