Sunday, April 09, 2006

Defeated by the elements

Yesterday I walked 33 miles. We weren't able to complete the walk because the weather turned nasty on us.

The full thing is 42 miles. We started walking at 3.30am and got to the pub just short of half-way at 11am - an hour ahead of our projected time. After that, we were walking across moorland for miles and miles. It had been wet and the terrain was all heather and squidgy bog, which slowed us right down. It took us nearly 6 hours to do what we should've done in 3. The weather had been fine all morning, cold and bright. In the early afternoon we had a bit of thunder and some squally hail-showers which weren't too bad because they passed quickly and didn't get us that wet. But then it started snowing. It got really thick - almost white-out conditions - and it just didn't stop. It was too dangerous to carry on and at the pace we'd slowed down to we wouldn't have finished until 10 or 11pm, which would've meant walking in the snow and the dark. I think bad weather is quite often a problem though - my friend's dad, who was walking with us, had attempted that walk 8 times before. He finished it 5 times, but the other three all had to be abandoned because of the weather.

I don't feel like we failed though. I mean, I walked
thirty-three miles! That's a lot further than I've ever walked before. We were walking for fifteen hours. And if we hadn't had to call it off, I think I would've managed to make it to the end. So really, I'm pretty proud of myself. I actually enjoyed most of it too. I'm very stiff and quite sore today but I don't really mind. It's all self-inflicted so I can't moan! Oh, and my biggest achievement of the day ... I have NO BLISTERS!!!

We're planning to try again sometime in the summer when it's drier and less likely to snow. So we'll just call this the practice run!


At 10:16 PM, Anonymous Steven said...

I'm still very proud of you babe.


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