Thursday, March 30, 2006

A good thing and a bad thing

I went shopping for a birthday present for my Mum yesterday. I didn't really have any ideas for what to get her but I had a lovely time poking through some little antique/junk shops and I ended up with something I hope she'll really like. I'll show you on Monday after she's unwrapped it!

If I had happened to have won the lottery recently, I would have got her this, which I found in a lovely little shop up off the Grassmarket:

So pretty!

I picked up my new jeans from the tailors this morning, happy to think that I would be able to wear them to visit Steven in Belfast this weekend. (Every
new pair of jeans I buy has to be taken up and taken in before I can wear them. I know I'm small but apparently I'm a weird shape too.) Anyway, I picked them up, paid my money and took them home. Took them out of the bag and... they've been taken up by about eight inches more than I asked for! I do not suit cropped trousers. They make me look shorter and wider than I already am. So now I'm left with a pair of jeans which cost me the guts of £70 (including the alterations) and are basically unwearable. I am so unbelievably cross. Do you think they'll at least refund what I paid for the alterations?

Please, somebody teach me how to sew.


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