Friday, March 31, 2006

Eco Friendly Friday

I've spent all day in the lab with Steven. We got in about 9.30 and we'll be going home in half an hour or so. I'm pretty tired, but I haven't been bored! After all the help Steven gave me with my dissertation, I'm trying to help him with his work. He's doing Interactive Multimedia Design and throughout the development of his huge final project he has to keep a blog, which he's been having trouble with recently because he's sooo busy with everything else (and my work on top of it all). A lot of it is break-downs of how he's designed different things and research of relevant material on the internet. So I've been trawling the internet for good pictures and information and criticising the work he's done so far to find bits he can add in.

Steven's project is all about sustainable energy and environmental friendliness - it's a game called Eco Tycoon, based on Transport Tycoon etc. I think it's pretty cool and I've been enjoying researching it today.

If I lived in London or somewhere, I would totally get one of these:

Or if I was in America, definitely one of these. How cool?!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

A good thing and a bad thing

I went shopping for a birthday present for my Mum yesterday. I didn't really have any ideas for what to get her but I had a lovely time poking through some little antique/junk shops and I ended up with something I hope she'll really like. I'll show you on Monday after she's unwrapped it!

If I had happened to have won the lottery recently, I would have got her this, which I found in a lovely little shop up off the Grassmarket:

So pretty!

I picked up my new jeans from the tailors this morning, happy to think that I would be able to wear them to visit Steven in Belfast this weekend. (Every
new pair of jeans I buy has to be taken up and taken in before I can wear them. I know I'm small but apparently I'm a weird shape too.) Anyway, I picked them up, paid my money and took them home. Took them out of the bag and... they've been taken up by about eight inches more than I asked for! I do not suit cropped trousers. They make me look shorter and wider than I already am. So now I'm left with a pair of jeans which cost me the guts of £70 (including the alterations) and are basically unwearable. I am so unbelievably cross. Do you think they'll at least refund what I paid for the alterations?

Please, somebody teach me how to sew.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Katharine Update

Well, Friday wasn't pretty, but I did it. I did an all-nighter on Thursday night, something I very rarely do. Steven stayed up all night too over in Belfast - he spent hours and hours typing up my hand-written pages of transcription. Thank you babe, I really couldn't have done it without you, I'm still in awe at how much work you did for me.

Still, everything seemed to go wrong for me on Friday and the two copies I handed in at five minutes to five consisted of 150 unbound, loose sheets of paper, in mis-matched folders and with the colour pages wrongly numbered. I spent most of the evening in tears, feeling like I'd let everyone down. It's okay though, I got two fresh copies printed and bound on Saturday morning and despite worrying about it all weekend, was able to swap them over with no problems at all. So there you have it, my dissertation's done, yippee! Only my exams to go now.

What else has happened in the past few weeks? Well, not a whole lot, seeing as I was holed up in front of my computer for most of the time. But there are a couple of things.

On top of everything else, I found out on Friday evening that I didn't get onto the teacher training course I applied for. Ho hum. I am quite glad I found out then though, it saved feeling shitty on two separate days. But I'm not sure that it's an entirely bad thing. I had been wondering whether I really did still want to go into teaching and whether I was just applying purely because it was what I'd always thought I would do. Now I can go off and find something else that I want to do - maybe even start looking into starting my own flower shop! So although things are a little bit up in the air at the moment, I am quite excited about what the future might hold.

The other thing is that I'm going to be doing a forty-mile walk - in under 24 hours - a week on Saturday! A friend of mine is doing it with her dad and a group of other people and she asked me if I'd like to come too. I've never done anything like this before but I decided I needed a physical challenge for a change. The walk is across the North Yorkshire Moors, a route called the Lyke Wake Walk. And we're just doing it for the fun(?) of it, it's not a sponsored event (although, I'm sure you could sponsor me if you wanted to). I'm looking forward to it but I'm a bit nervous - it is a very long way. We walked twelve miles at the weekend without any problems though, which is a good start.

That's really everything major. I'm going to Belfast this weekend to see my boy, although I will spend much of the time sitting quietly in the lab while he gets on with his work. I'm thinking revision - or perhaps I'll join Flickr and put up the blogroll that I've been meaning to do for weeks on end!

Oh, and despite my not having posted anything for ages, visits to this blog have been fairly consistent for the past couple of weeks. Hi! Who are you all? I'm sorry it's been a bit dull around here, I'll try to do better from now on.

One last thing. I am aware that this should be Self Portrait Tuesday, but having been in a bit of a post-dissertation haze since Friday, I don't have anything to post. Instead (and I suppose it does fit in with the time theme) here are come photos of spring, which arrived in Edinburgh sometime in the past few weeks, completely unnoticed by me!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Found on Flickr

Steven, you're drinking for two today, but please remember one of them doesn't drink much!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

Time - week 2

Ten days.

More Self Portrait Tuesday-ers here and here.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

Time - week 1

The new theme for this month's Self Portrait Tuesday is time. I love the ideas we've been given for inspiration; recording the passage of time with multiple images is a really cool idea and I've been enjoying exploring the links Kath left us, especially this one.

However, although time is something I'm very conscious of at the moment, it's not something I have a lot of, so I think for most of this month my SPTs will be a little non-conformist, and certainly not as prolific as is maybe expected. Here is today's:

Currently, my awareness of time is entirely centred on this date, 17 days away. My dissertation is worth a third of this year’s marks and I am quite quite terrified about it. If there was ever a time to get my head down and work my little ass off, this is it.

More self portraits here. One of these days I'm going to join Flickr, it looks like fun.

Oh, and I've realised that I haven't been linking back to the other self portraits in my own previous posts. Sorry about that, I'll try to remember in the future.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Look what landed in my cereal bowl this morning!

I couldn't bring myself to eat it, it was too weird.

Not quite as wierd as Holly's though.

Friday, March 03, 2006

It's snowing!

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Meet Hannah.

Isn't she lovely?

Yeah, you think so now. You wouldn't like to see her when she's cross.

Sometimes she can even get a little psychotic.

Today, Hannah took her first driving lesson.

If you, or anyone you care about lives in the Edinburgh area, you may like to know that Hannah's driving lessons are scheduled every Thursday afternoon between now and May.
After that, we're all doomed.

You have been warned.

CHV socialites

Hmmm, well, to keep us occupied in the meantime, here are some lovely photos from last week's CHV Ball. I went with Steven and my best friend Fiona from home. I had a great time, with sore muscles and bruised feet to prove it for days afterwards! Steven turned to me at one point and said 'If we ever get married, we're totally having a ceilidh at our reception!' You're damn right there mister!

Now I just have to wait...

It's over! My interview for teacher training was this morning; my first ever proper serious interview. It was scary, but it wasn't too bad, as far as I could tell I didn't say any thing really stupid. I just wish the guy hadn't been so constantly straight-faced, I couldn't tell what he was thinking. I think it was okay. I hope it was okay.

I should hear in about two weeks.

*looks at watch*