Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

Personal History: week 5

I'm sorry, I know it's Wednesday, but the internet wouldn't work last night when I came to post this.

I spent most of last night going through old photos and taking photos of them so that I can put them on my computer back in Edinburgh. Slightly vexing that all these photos have just been sitting here in Orkney all this month while I've been trying to represent my personal history fom Edinburgh! I haven't looked through them in years and now that I've got hold of them, I've gone a bit mad! Here is a small selection for today's Self Portrait, but I've a feeling I might be posting lots more in the near future because there's so many I love!

Growing up on a island, the beach and the sea are really important to me. We've always had a dog/dogs, so we went for lots of walks on beaches, as well as spending hours there during the summer.
I don't like to live too far from the sea now, it makes me feel claustrophobic.


At 11:35 PM, Anonymous Steven said...

Aww. You're all so lovely. I wish I'd known you as a kid.


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