Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day!

Oops, I've done it again. Steven was over for the weekend so I've neglected the internet a bit.

The two most important developments of this weekend:
- We went to a party on Saturday night for the place Steven was working on placement last year and they were pretty clear that they want him back as a proper employee after he's graduated this summer.
- And I got a letter inviting me to an interview for teacher training college in two weeks time. Eeeep!

Apart from that, we just had a nice weekend together. Steven in particular is a bit strapped for cash at the moment, so we didn't make a big deal of Valentine's day today. We got a DVD and a bottle of wine last night, and then we went out for breakfast together this morning before Steven had to fly back to Belfast. It was lovely, I'd rather do something simple and nice together that all the fluffy hearts and everything!

Anyway, it's Tuesday, so I'd better get down to business. Brace yourselves!


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