Friday, January 20, 2006

Have a nice weekend

We're away on CHV camp for the weekend, to an outdoor centre in the Highlands. I can't wait. The area is really beautiful, so I'm hoping for some good photography weather. It's fun to get away to places we wouldn't normally go and for the most part (kids' behaviour permitting) camps are good fun. We're meant to be going horse-riding tomorrow, which could be interesting - especially since these are the same kids that yelled 'Look at that big broon thing!!' when we passed a cow near Loch Tay while on camp last year!

It's a three and a half hour trip from Edinburgh, not including the hour it takes to drive round and pick all the kids up. Steven's driving the minibus, so at least that means I get to sit up front with him to keep him company and control the music. No matter how sleepy they get on the way there, it's a given that the kids will go nuts the minute we get into the centre and we won't get to bed until well after midnight.

Wish us luck!


At 10:27 PM, Anonymous wondermom said...

Hope you're having/had a terrific time :)


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